Project Spotlight:  The science of collaboration
Project Spotlight:
The science of collaboration

The Request: Redesign neuroscience labs and office spaces to encourage collaboration, provide greater flexibility and maximize productivity.

The Challenge: Before this renovation, lab members were assigned to “box labs” that accommodated two to three occupants with one office and two open workstations. This dated structure encouraged a silo work philosophy with little space for inter-lab collaboration or teamwork. The client needed the labs to be redesigned to stimulate partnership and make it easier to reconfigure the space in the future — flexing with the company’s changing business model.

The Resolution: In the new open lab/office environment, a sense of community was created to advance the speed and quality of scientific discoveries. Carving out strategically placed collaboration areas, the new space encourages teamwork and maximizes productivity. The innovative design is also flexible to casework and infrastructure, allowing it to transform as technology and science change over time. Highlights of the new design include:

  • Ceiling: The ceiling system supports utility panels that offer maximum customization throughout the space. The utility panels supply power, data and various gases through umbilical cords, allowing mobile benches to move freely within the lab with quick connect rerouting of services.
  • Flooring: High-performance vinyl tile is utilized throughout the space to build in flexibility. The 6mm product offers a watertight seal with heat-welded seams —ideal for the lab environment. Within the office spaces, modular carpet tile is installed over the vinyl tile, making it easier to quickly modify the area for changing functional requirements.
  • Casework: All of the casework specified for the project is modular, which reduced specification time and facilitated easy installation of utilities. The choice should also help minimize costs to reconfigure the space in the future.
  • Office Furniture: The new airy office design opens the lines of communication within the department. Small meeting rooms allow for quiet, touchdown time when needed. Height-adjustable desks are installed within 54” high panels allowing for cross-functionality. Personal storage cabinets and file storage complete the space.

Move Coordination: IDO developed a four-phase plan to deliver a “one touch” move process for each lab member during the course of the renovation. Before the renovation began, lab members were moved into swing spaces, minimizing downtime of experiments. Then lab spaces were customized to each occupant based on their equipment, space and utility needs. With detailed packing instructions and meticulous assistance with moving the chemicals, lab members were able to quickly transition into their new spaces without interrupting a single critical experiment.

The many IDO services employed in bringing this neuroscience project to its successful conclusion can be applied to any business interior. Discover how IDO can redesign your workplace to improve collaboration and productivity.