Rebuilding Our World One Step at a Time

Rebuilding Our World One Step at a Time

By: Lindsay Ferro

Most of us have seen images of the devastating destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, and now the wildfires on the West coast. These natural disasters have forced thousands of people and pets out of their homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. Many buildings were completely demolished and the damage will require years of re-building. Without volunteer support and funding, it will be difficult for some of these communities to recover any time soon. However, I have learned that there is always a good to the bad, and the good is a whole lot better to think about than the bad. 🙂

I have chosen to believe that the good in this situation is the thousands of kind people who have stopped their daily lives to help those in need. Whether it is offering shelter, volunteering to clean-up the communities, rebuilding structures, or donating food, water, supplies, or money. The positive stories of local people reaching out are out there and they should be the headline of every news story. Because every small action makes a difference and sets a positive example in a world that so desperately needs it. With these thoughts in mind, I have picked a few organizations that help us help others and make a difference in bettering our world:

  • Habitat for Humanity has started a campaign called #HabitatHammersBack. They’ve created a repair kit that includes tools and materials to temporarily improve people’ shelters until a more permanent solution can happen. You can learn more about their efforts or sign up to volunteer at their website linked.
  • Local Indy organizations helping with the relief efforts include the Midwest Food Bank, Hoosiers Helping Houston and American Red Cross Indiana Chapter. Stay tuned to your local news for updates as situations develop.
  • We can’t forget about our furry friends too! The Humane Society of Indianapolis is coordinating efforts with shelters that are reaching capacity due to displaced pets in the aftermath of the storms. Visit their website or shelter for more info on how you can help!
  • FEMA is a government agency focused on providing support and response in times of crisis. They provide all the information you would need to safely volunteer or donate with any organization that is a VOAD member.

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