Social Media’s Role in Today’s Business

Social Media’s Role in Today’s Business

By: Brittany Adkins

These days, it isn’t always enough to pursue traditional advertising in the form of commercials and printed ads to get your company’s message to your target market. Social media has created a new platform by which businesses can reach a much larger audience than they ever have before. Much of this can be attributed to businesses shifting their marketing focus towards millennials via social media, and here are some of the advantages of doing so:

Develops a Personality

Companies are finding that social media can assist with storytelling in a very effective way. Nike’s Instagram account is a great example of this with a following of over 72 million. Their social media experts utilize this platform to communicate their company’s story to audiences with artistic visuals and meaningful content, which in turn makes their brand even more recognizable and adds personality.

Help to Understand Your Audience

The great thing about social media for business is that your content isn’t being forced onto an audience that really doesn’t care about your message. Your followers are already interested in your brand so you are establishing your relationship further with these consumers as well as providing a two-way conversation with them. Many of these sites can take it a step even further to provide demographics of your followers and help track the effectiveness of your messages.

 Conversion to Sales

When businesses utilize the demographics that social media provides them, they can further hone in on their target markets. According to Facebook Insights, “millennials are 1.6 times more likely to use digital channels to learn about new products.” Statistics like this can help shape a company’s digital marketing strategy to better promote their product or service.

In short, social media can help businesses to grow a social following, surge website traffic, and increase sales if done right. Why not take advantage of an opportunity like that?

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