Space from Home That’s as Green as You Want to Be

Space from Home That’s as Green as You Want to Be

By Julie Knight I recently stayed at a new kind of Starwood Hotel in Baltimore, MD.  Inspired by Starwood Resorts, Element Hotel “Encourages renewal through a nature-influenced environment. Intuitively constructed with an efficient use of space, Elements helps you stay connected, feel alive and thrive…”  while you are away from home. The Element’s philosophy is simple:  help “you to achieve a sense of balance……By stimulating the senses and soothing the spirit” The hotel hopes to provide each guest with a way of relaxing and refreshing the whole person.   This concept tries to provide the amenities a guest would normally receive at a much more expensive and exclusive spa or resort. In April 2008, Starwood Hotel and Resorts Worldwide declared that all Element Hotels will pursue the USGBC LEED certification. This step recognized the company as the first major hotel brand to commit to green certification.  Since this time, the hotel has created a map for developers to simplify the LEED process to design a cost-effective property and a more sustainable future with an initial investment recouped in a few years.  And, each hotel is committed to providing cleaner, healthier, and sustainable guest spaces. A few of the sustainable features in each guest room includes:

  • Energy Star appliances
  • Low VOC paint and finishes on all wood furniture
  • Sofa cushions constructed of soy
  • Art mounted on recycled tires
  • Oversize windows for more natural lighting and sightlines to the outdoors
  • Eco friendly bed headboard
  • 3 way CFL and LED lighting
  • Soap and shampoo dispenser at sinks and shower/bath
  • “Do Not Disturb” environmentally-friendly magnet to replace the traditional paper tag
  • Guests driving hybrid cars are rewarded with priority hotel parking
  • The entire campus is smoke free

A few of the cleaner and healthier features for each guest includes:

  • Filtered drinking water in each guest room
  • 24/7 fitness center to with cardio machines and strength training equipment
  • Explore the outdoors with the use of a complimentary bicycle
  • Signature Heavenly bed which can be quickly adjusted to fit your particular body needs
  • Fresh hot complimentary breakfast consisting of breakfast wraps, granola and fresh fruit and smoothies
  • Gourmet self service specialty food shop that is open 24/7. Guests can choose healthy treat and snacks as well as regional specialties.

Elements is not in every city, in fact there are only 9 locations scattered in the United States.  I would suggest one if you ever get the opportunity………….and visit their website for more details.  

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