To Blog or To Blog… That is the ANSWER!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Being a member of the “Baby Boomer” generation, I had been holding out for the longest time and was very slow at accepting the features & benefits of embracing Social Media. Please note, however, I am NOT speaking for nor am I claiming to be representitive of all Baby Boomers, as I know other Boomers who have jumped head first into the Social Media pool. But after reading a May 23 – 29, 2011 IBJ article entitled: “What are customers tweeting about you?”, written by Erik Deckers, I had a radical change of heart and changed my tune very quickly. In other words, I am one Boomer who has finally jumped on board or knew I would be left behind in my “back-in-the day” thinking. Welcome 2011, as well as to the world of blogging, texting and tweeting. What really impressed me the most about Mr. Deckers’ article was how much Social Media impacts the branding and/or marketing of your company. According to Mr. Decker, “Social Media has changed marketing to the point that you are no longer in control of your message; your CUSTOMERS are.” WOW, did that ever hit home! I specifically learned how a company’s open mindedness to being on social media can dramatically help a Firm to fully understand and realize just how their (all important) customers perceive them. I also found out that the reality of Social Media: • isn’t just a trendy way for the Millennial & Generation X’ers to communicate; • is something that our customers use to communicate about us (on a regular basis) even though we may or may not use it; • is if we “want to connect to our customers”, then we need to embrace it and buy onto the fact that “the universe of social media is where you want to be.” What do YOU think about the subject of SOCIAL MEDIA and have you caught on – yet? Respectfully submitted by, Gary K. Pino, FMP Managing Associate

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