Trash, Keep or Donate—A Moving Expert’s Guide to Lightening Your Load

Trash, Keep or Donate—A Moving Expert’s Guide to Lightening Your Load

By: Kelsey Venekamp

In August of this year, I realized that I had hit a milestone in my life—I have now lived in Indiana for 8 years, which is officially the longest I have ever lived in one place! Unless you are also a military child, you wouldn’t understand the significance in that statement. The irony to this, however, is that since being in Indiana for 8 years, I have moved a total of 10 times between college and my three years of post-grad life. Let that one set in—TEN. TIMES. I think we could all walk away from this agreeing I am, in fact, a moving expert.

As I prepare for my eleventh move—slated to occur in three weeks—I find myself wanting (er, maybe more “needing”) to purge some of the belongings I have collected throughout the years. This got me wondering (ah ha…a blog topic!) about charitable organizations in Indianapolis where I could donate my unwanted items. Below are just a few of the awesome groups I’ve come across in my endeavor:

  1. Dress for Success: Accepting professional attire, shoes, jewelry and handbags—the mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.
  2. The Salvation Army: Commonly donated items are clothing, furniture, automobiles, household goods and appliances; all goods are then sold at their Family Stores, where the proceeds are used to fund adult rehabilitation centers.
  3. Wheeler Mission Ministries: With donation barns scattered about the city, it’s convenient and easy to drop off clothing and small household goods that will help meet the most basic needs of the disadvantaged and homeless men, women and children.
  4. BGI Shifting Gears: Run alongside the Indiana Department of Corrections, used bicycles can be donated to the Shifting Gears program for repair, renovation and distribution to underprivileged children and others in need. The program also serves to provide meaningful work opportunities for offenders and to prepare them for a successful re-entry into the community.
  5. Indy Reads Books: Promoting and improving literacy of adults and families in Central Indiana, Indy Reads Books accepts donations of gently-used paperbacks and hardcovers, audiobooks, DVD’s, CD’s and vinyl.

So if you have a gypsy soul like I do and find yourself moving often, perhaps consider lightening your load the next time around donate your unwanted goods to help others in your community.

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