WELL Building Standard: Fitness Review

WELL Building Standard: Fitness Review

By: Yasha Ogg

In following up on the Fitness Intelligence blog post by Julie Knight, the WELL Building Standard offers some interesting features in the Fitness Category that can be implemented into one’s daily activities.

How can a company encourage physical activity among employees?

One of our clients has implemented a protocol that personal trash cans by desks are prohibited. Despite what may seem like an inconvenience to start with, this action has several pros not only including centralized trash locations for cleaning crews but, also encouraging employees to get up every now and then to dispose of their trash.

These trash locations generally also have smart printers to which employees can use their ID card to activate their current print jobs. By centrally locating these printer and trash locations, social hubs are naturally created sparking interaction between people.

The most interesting part in feature 67: Exterior Active Design is the neighborhood connectivity and making sure that the building address has a Walk Score of 70 or greater. At our IDO main office, we have a walkscore of 88 and a bike score of 91! How walkable is your neighborhood?

Feature 65 focuses on incentivizing Activity Programs for employees through a couple different ways. One of the more interesting plans is that an employee is reimbursed for $200 or more if that employee meets a 50-visit minimum to a gym or other professional program within a 6-month period. This requires the employee to prove that they are attending the gym at least twice a week. Another interesting plan provides a subsidy of at least $240 per year to each interested employee to cover the costs of participation in races, group fitness activities, and sports teams.

Here at IDO, several of us have weekly Fitbit challenges as friendly competition to up our step count and as a corporate member of our local YMCA, we pay 60% of an employee’s YMCA monthly membership fees.  We are also introducing Yoga classes for interested employee’s this month and everyone is encourage to bring other interested family and friends. (Feature 66: Structured Fitness Opportunities) If you are interested in staying fit and looking for a job, consider applying to IDO Incorporated!

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