What’s the Buzz?

What’s the Buzz?

By: Julie Knight

Ever wondered why people like to gather in a coffee shop or café?  It is the buzz or ambient sound within these spaces. Ambient sound is defined as the background sound present in a location.  And according to recent research, moderate levels of background sounds distract us and subtly encourage us to have original thoughts. Because if we are not heavily focused on the task at hand, then we are better able to think more generally and able to be creative.

What is the best sound level to encourage creativity?  Research shows that 70 decibels is the ideal sound level. For example, the clinking of coffee cups or quiet conversation is the ideal sound level and the subsequent draw to these spaces. Consequently, if you increase the sound level to 85 decibels, then the cause for creative will rapidly fall. At this level the ability to process information is greatly restrained.

But if escaping the noisy office is not an option, then down load the app, Ambience Lite, for free. It can produce the right atmosphere to relax, focus, be productive or just fall asleep. Choose from thunderstorms, running water, bird noises or record your own unique mix.  And the application has a long loop for each selection. Enjoy!

And have a happy more productive New Year!

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