A White Elephant Christmas

A White Elephant Christmas

By: Catie Sterling

With so much talk around the office about our annual IDO Christmas Dinner, I thought it would be fitting to write my blog in reference to it.  This is my first IDO Christmas Dinner and I have been told that a White Elephant gift exchange takes place every year. I’ve only done one White Elephant exchange before, so I had to be reminded of the rules, regulations, and gift examples. If you happen to also be participating in a white elephant exchange this year and need some ideas, I’ve compiled a list of some useful gifts!

  1. For the cat lover – A cat pen, a cat tape dispenser, a cat calendar, a cat towel, a cat rug! All useful things involving your friend’s favorite animal that will remind them of you.
  2. For the coffee drinker – Good morning mugs –  This mug will warn your co-workers that you haven’t yet drank your morning coffee, so stay away until you do! The mug actually changes faces after a hot liquid is added. It will go from a sleeping frown to wide awake.
  3. For the wino – Wine to go cups! So he or she can sip his or her favorite wine on picnics, tailgates, or in the backyard without fear of shattering wine glasses.
  4. For the movie/music buff – there’s nothing like a new set of trivia cards for someone who thinks they know it all about actors, actresses, movie quotes, movie years, singers, songwriters, etc.
  5. For the cook – a set of white elephant salt and pepper shakers. I don’t know about you, but I love unique salt and pepper shakers in different forms that add some character to a kitchen. I’ve seen owls, foxes, Santas, snowmen, reindeer, etc. They can be found at Target or TJ Maxx for around $5.

I hope this list is helpful when picking out your last minute White Elephant exchange gift. I can’t wait to see all of the outrageous items tomorrow!

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