Women in Leadership: What’s Nice got to do with it?

Women in Leadership: What’s Nice got to do with it?

By Janet Thomas I participated in a recent networking event sponsored by Roche Diagnostics and Healthcare Businesswomen’s  Association  Indiana.  Purposed to promote women’s leadership in the Life Science industry the networking event was linked to an inspirational keynote address from Dr. Lois Frankel titled “Get and Keep the Job You Want”.  Admitting she thought she knew her career path until she was living it, Dr. Frankel re-invented herself. World renowned for career coaching Dr. Frankel speaks powerfully to the ways women sabotage their careers and how to set them on the right path to success. By revealing the Nice Girl Syndrome she sheds light on why Nice is essential in business but won’t get you the job you want. If the following sounds familiar then you suffer from Nice Girl Syndrome and are allowing your past to negatively impact your future.  Here are Five mistakes Nice Girls make and the symptoms:

  • Waiting to be recognized for your efforts  –  Never asking for what you really want
  • Working too hard  – There are different rules for  men and women
  • Not setting boundaries – Ignoring balance between work and life.
  • Not leveraging relationships – Avoid pursuing your goals so other people won’t become uncomfortable.
  • Hesitating to Lead – Avoid assertion of power around men or you will be rejected

By changing your value system you become a Winning Woman. Here are Five strategies Dr. Frankel discussed to earn respect, success and the life you really want.

  • Be crystal clear about what you want –  Evaluate the past then envision the future
  • Know your playing field ; rules, strategies, boundaries – Manage expectations on the edge of the field
  • Understand and use the “Quid pro quo” – Build relationships that work for you
  • Focus on Work/Life integration – Manage expectations
  • Ask for forgiveness not permission – Prepare for pushback – people will like you the way you are

 Learn more about Dr. Frankel and access tools for building leadership skills on her website.  Learn more about the Healthcare Businesswomen’s  Association  on their website.  I close with a special thank you to Jennifer  Holmes of Integrating Women Leaders for sponsoring IDO at this event. Photo by Hide Vanstraelen www.biewoef.be  

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