Words of Wisdom on Establishing Monday Morning Quarterback Meetings …

Words of Wisdom on Establishing Monday Morning Quarterback Meetings …

By: Gary K. Pino FMP, SFP

Every Monday morning, starting at 9:00 AM sharp, our Management Team calls into an internal centralized number … and the information begins to flow rapidly.  Each Manager has the opportunity to provide details of upcoming project work, team activities and human resources availability & needs.  After sharing each other’s ‘business’, we as team can efficiently and effectively get off the dime and jump start to a successful work week.  In other words, our MMQB allows us to collectively establish a mutually agreed upon course of action, maintain progressive strides and shift resources whenever applicable and wherever necessary.

Some tips that we follow in order to keep the candle burning brightly …

  • Each Manager is truly and fully committed to making the meeting, even if we are out of the office (except for those vacationing at the time of course).
  • Anything pertinent to the success of our teams, use of project work best practices and positive customer results are addressed and encouraged throughout the MMQB meeting discussions.
  • Over time, the consistent meetings and conversations help to build a strong bond between the Management Teammates, thus providing a springboard to the necessary attribute of TRUST!
  • Since we realize that everything isn’t peaches & cream, we don’t come to the call with “rose colored glasses” on either … tough or difficult issues are discussed, addressed and dealt with immediately. We know that Associate hiccups or client bumps in the road may occur; and if they do, rising up to the challenges to formulate sound resolutions are initiated so as to overcome these obstacles quickly and to all parties’ satisfaction.
  • Constructive guidance is openly and willingly shared and accepted by our Management Team members … this approach helps us to grow stronger with each other, become better Managers to our teams and foster unity within our organization.

So, if you don’t already have a MMQB Meeting to set the direction, pace and tone of your company, you may want to consider initiating a trial run to see how it works out for you.  I truly believe you will see the benefit and will be encouraged by the unity, camaraderie and success of your Management Team!

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